Proyectos y reformas integrales

We carry out comprehensive and partial refurbishment projects in residential properties (where necessary by regulations), offices, or commercial premises.

Our team analyzes the proposals to draft a basic project, which will serve as a basis in the following phases, typically consisting of:

Basic project or preliminary draft.

We conduct an initial visit to gather all the necessary data with the client for the project’s development. Then, we create the plan of the current state of the project to technically analyze the space and circumstances from which we start.

Next, we develop various proposals tailored to the client’s needs, adapted to the technical possibilities of the space to be renovated, as well as a thorough study of possible issues and provision of solutions.

Executive project:

This project develops and specifies the basic project and further complements it technically with construction drawings. It includes:

Basic graphic documentation: Urban definition, architectural definition of the building, fire safety, structural system, construction system, installation system. Written documentation: Construction memory, compliance justification with Building Technical Code (CTE), Ecoefficiency Decree, applicable regulations. Energy Efficiency Certificate Measurement Status Material Execution Budget Quality Control Program (where necessary)

After approving the proposal that best fits the client’s needs and a detailed study of the work to be done, it is necessary to define the renovation project down to the smallest detail, developing the necessary technical drawings for the execution of the work: floor plans, sections, elevations, construction details, carpentry plans, installation plans, etc.

Finally, we specify with the client the materials and finishes to be applied to each part of the work, as well as its technical requirements.

With all this information, we create the technical report of the project, which must include each of its specifications and definitions, and will be the necessary document to request quotes from refurbishment companies or builders.

Execution of the work:

Before starting the refurbishment works, the necessary construction licenses will be requested (not required for all refurbishments), advising the client.

From here, our tasks of direction and coordination begin: site visits, coordination with the construction company and the client, resolution of unforeseen issues on-site, making necessary adaptations, and ultimately, overseeing the technical, economic, and administrative aspects of the refurbishment works.

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