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Our extensive experience vouches for us to provide quality advice, achieve the best results, tailor our budgets to your needs, and meet the agreed timeframe and price.


We specialize primarily in comprehensive and partial renovations (bathroom, kitchen, flooring, painting, etc.) of homes. We believe that specialization is important to provide the best service. Renovating a bathroom is not the same as renovating an entire house, and we are aware of that. That’s why our team has extensive experience in comprehensive home renovations.

Certainly, the first visit is entirely free. We provide layout proposals and deliver a fully detailed and itemized renovation estimate associated with the proposal. This estimate is broken down by sections, indicating the price per square meter, linear meter, or units, all provided free of charge and without any obligation.

After visiting the property to be renovated, we analyze the provided information and explore all possible renovation options. We then present a proposal that encompasses the current state and the planned renovations. Together with you, we can decide on the option that best suits your needs. Once the type of renovation is finalized, we provide you with a detailed budget for the project.

Everything depends on the type of renovation you wish to carry out. A comprehensive renovation of a home, which involves a detailed study of all construction and layout possibilities, is not the same as a renovation that doesn’t require a change in distribution. In any case, we typically deliver the projects approximately within one to two weeks of the initial visit to the property.
Many companies provide estimates with inflated items, without detailing square or linear meters. However, we want the customer to pay only for what is renovated, which is why we specify a price per square meter, linear meter, and unit. Moreover, having a linear, square, or unit price allows the flexibility to choose the quality and adjust it based on one’s budget.
This is one of the aspects we handle with utmost care. We understand that a client has a budget for the renovation and cannot afford unexpected costs during the project, which can pose a significant problem. Thanks to the visit and budget being carried out by an architect or architectural technician, and supervised by the technician themselves, we ensure, with their experience, that the budget covers all the items necessary for the renovation. Therefore, there should be no surprises, except for possible hidden defects that are impossible to foresee. We personally deliver the budget to our prospective clients and explain it in detail. This way, the client understands that the budget we provide will not increase as long as nothing is altered from the original budget. It is common in all renovations that, once underway, there are changes to items, and the client refines qualities, designs, requests additional lighting points, or opts for qualities not initially considered, or additional work that was not initially planned. All these changes naturally affect the final price and the delivery time. That’s why we always emphasize to our clients to keep in mind what they have signed, and if they increase the quality or quantity of any item, to consider it when defining another item and thus balance the budget.
Reforms can benefit from a reduced VAT rate, decreasing from 21% to 10%, provided they meet necessary legal requirements. Understanding this information is crucial because if your renovation qualifies for the reduced VAT, it means an 11% reduction in costs.
We offer a wide range of possibilities and qualities tailored to the type of project and always in line with the needs and preferences of the client. The client has the freedom to choose the quality, and we provide them since we work with all market suppliers. We provide detailed specifications, quality levels, and models of all materials and finishes, agreeing with the client on the desired quality level and always advising on the best materials in terms of quality and price. This ensures that the materials are of the highest quality at the most affordable price. By providing a detailed budget, the client can adjust the material costs according to their budget, thereby modifying the overall project price to meet their specific needs.
It is crucial for primarily two reasons. One of them is related to the issue of layout, especially when dealing with a home that requires redistribution. Specialists have experience in providing creative and imaginative solutions for home layouts, and this is likely not achievable with another company that lacks these professionals or is not specialized.
Assessing the potential of homes that may have poor layout or inefficient use of light is not always easy. For us, orientation and natural light entries are crucial, as well as ceiling height, which contributes to creating a sense of spaciousness. The technician will advise you on this aspect of the renovation.
Design lacks meaning if it is not functional and does not adapt to the client. We always provide advice from a technical standpoint and based on our previous experience, but the final decision must come from the client. It is the client who should feel that the house perfectly suits their taste and needs 100%.
Certainly. There are many tools we use to achieve this: improving the quality of enclosures (partitions), adding insulation inside or on the facade when possible (depending on the height of the dwelling, interior courtyards, community regulations, etc.), enhancing closure systems (windows), and implementing energy-efficient boilers, among others.
The professionals we have are registered with social security and have liability insurance.