Proyectos y reformas integrales

From the technical project and urban planning to the first occupancy license, we assist you in changing the use of your commercial space to a residence.

In the last 4 years, the conversion of commercial spaces into residences has significantly increased. Having a property is a significant asset.

Before taking the plunge, it’s essential to conduct a feasibility study, and if the requirements are met, we proceed with the change of use project. This way, we obtain the license that allows us to start the renovation.

The Community of Madrid requires meeting certain minimum requirements to transform a commercial space into a residence. Not all commercial spaces can be converted into dwellings:

  1. More than 38m2 of usable space or 25m2 if it’s going to be a studio.
  2. Minimum free height of 2.5 meters in at least 75% of the area and 2.20 meters in the rest.
  3. Must have more than 3 meters of facade and 2.70 meters inside.
  4. The kitchen must have an independent smoke outlet. A carbon filter hood is also accepted if it is electric.
  5. Spaces must have 8% of the surface area for ventilation and 12% for natural light entry.
  6. Interior bathrooms and toilets with forced extraction.
  7. For below-ground floors, the use is limited to 25% of the upper floor.